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Scott Van Ramshorst

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Van Ramshorst is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and operated 4 companies over more than 25 years from “bootstrapped” startups to companies funded with tens of millions of dollars in debt and equity capital. His acquisitions/dispositions of assets exceeded $60MM. Those investments over the past 15+ years have resulted in very successful exits/liquidity events for both Scott and his capital partners.

Today, Scott is passionate about helping SMB’s (small/medium sized businesses) and their stakeholders maximize the wealth they have created to reach a successful liquidity event, just as he was able to do.

Twice a member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization, whose invitation-only membership requires that an individual be the founder of a company with over $1 million in annual sales and under the age of 40. He’s a board member of the Arapahoe/Douglas Works, Rocky Mountain Home Association, and previously the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Entrepreneurs Organization.

Sylvia Dawson

Finance Director

Driving Financial Stability & Performance Across Diverse Industries. Sylvia is an accomplished Chartered Management Accountant with a progressive 25+ year career managing financial operations, enhancing financial capability, and improving financial processes through embedding robust systems, providing strategic insights, and driving continuous improvement initiatives.

Over the course of her career, she has been recognized for her success in developing and executing strategic financial initiatives for businesses across diverse sectors and offers a broad blend of financial and accounting experience to support organizations in achieving their objectives.

Working closely to understand the needs of the businesses and their owners, Sylvia’s strength lies in her ability to understand complex situations and coming up with strategies that are a win-win for all parties.

Mark Moodley

Chief Operating Officer

Mark has been a multiple business owner over the last 25 years and has successfully launched, or purchased and scaled several companies. He has also experienced virtually every good and bad element of business, including start-up, rapid expansion, purchase, sale, MBO, MBI, earn-out having learned many valuable business lessons along the way.

Currently developing the business growth side of SuperGeeks. He is looking to identify rising business opportunities and create long-term relationships through mergers and or acquisitions.

Mark has tried and tested financial engineering strategies to increase revenue, cash flow and profits and fix financially distressed companies. None of the solutions that he uses are taught in an MBA syllabus or taught to corporate financial advisers.

Walid Costandi

Chief Technology Officer

Walid Costandi is an active business investor with a successful track record that goes back to the DotCom boom. An experienced leader and entrepreneur, he has the tenacity to see projects to completion, and companies to profitable exits.

As an operations focused leader, Walid’s mission is to help companies standardize and improve operations, so that the core leaders and product teams can focus on creative growth.

Walid Costandi’s longer term mission is to establish a self-sustaining foundation that will support lower income individuals in escaping the debt cycle and developing an independent, entrepreneurial mindset.

Oliver Sutton

Group Strategic Marketing

Oliver's background has been in digital transformation - consulting to Tier 1 investment banks and Fortune 100 companies. Real Estate - Property development and management of residential properties.

Having built two successful businesses he's now focused on M&A, helping business owners successfully grow, scale, and exit their companies. Oliver is also passionate about using innovative lead generation solutions to help the M&A community and businesses owners find companies to acquire.

Oliver and his team help business owners to sell their business, roll up, merge or acquire a competitor, provide funding, improve growth & profitability or turnaround a previously 'working' business back to health.

Michael Williams

HR Director

Michael has worked in various capacities such as equipment leasing, real estate and over 20 years in IT. The combined life experience of real estate and IT made for a natural choice that he be reborn as a digital marketing nerd and business investor.

He has trained under seasoned copywriters such as Lukas Resheske and Tina Lorenz. He also hold certifications with Adskills and Digital Marketer. Michael currently is in the startup phase of building his own digital marketing agency.

Because of his vision of a “greater tomorrow”, Michael intentionally seeks out youth in his church and community to mentor them in hopes of diverting them from some of the traps life has set for them.

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